Coronavirus, Percassi (Atalanta): “We are experiencing a drama but the people of Bergamo never give up”

BERGAMO- Antonio Percassi , entrepreneur who is the president of Atalanta of miracles, was interviewed by RTL 102.5 to talk about the drama that the city of Bergamo is experiencing, one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus.

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“We, as a people, are used to not giving up. Bergamo must not give up, that Bergamo is a little closed but very generous people and is used to fighting without ever giving up, even if it is something that has never been seen and never occurred.

I am interested, also as a company – adds Percassi – to send a hug to all those who are suffering and to give a big thank you to all the doctors and operators in the sector who are doing an incredible job.

I was in a hospital and when you are there it seems like a bad dream, you just cry and luckily there are these people who are doing miracles ".

“I am experiencing it very badly – admits Percassi – it is an incredible tragedy, it is a virus that is bringing us our most beautiful generation.

We have had eight cases of people working for Atalanta and it was a very sad and hard thing, but it is also affecting young people. We are facing a health bomb, a transparent enemy, it is becoming a world war.

The images of the army trucks lined up in front of the cemetery of Bergamo will remain forever in the heart of us from Bergamo.

The link between football and the city, Atalanta and its fans, is something incredible and – continues Percassi – Atalanta this year has given great satisfaction.

Yes, it is a special, particular bond, our fans are incredible especially in moments of extreme difficulty, there is a special alchemy.

I hope that what Atalanta has conquered in these years will snatch a smile from the people who follow us in these difficult days ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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