Coronavirus, Pepe Reina: “I lacked oxygen for 25 minutes”

BIRMINGHAM (ENGLAND) – Pepe Reina is still fighting against the coronavirus but the worst seems to have passed.

This was revealed by Aston Villa's goalkeeper, with an Italian past between Naples and Milan, during an interview with Ivan Zazzaroni for Il Corriere dello Sport.

Reina experienced moments of terror after testing positive for coronavirus. His statements are reported by which quotes Il Corriere dello Sport.

“I have been locked in the house for 18 days, luckily the physicist reacted well but from the first symptoms there was no doubt that I had contracted Covid-19.

Fever, dry cough, a constant headache and a feeling of exhaustion. The moment I was scared was when I ran out of oxygen for 25 minutes, as if my throat had narrowed and the air could no longer pass.

Now I'm better, but the first week I spent it closed in a room. At home with me are my wife, our 5 children and my two in-laws – the ex Milan and Naples continues in an interview with Corriere dello Sport –

I still pay attention to them to keep my distance, because they are no longer young. I had a few difficult moments, but in the end it was like a strong influence. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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