Coronavirus, Papu Gomez besieged by journalists: “You are clowns”

Coronavirus, Papu Gomez assediato dai giornalisti: "Siete dei pagliacci"

Coronavirus, Papu Gomez besieged by journalists: "You are clowns" (photo Ansa)

VALENCIA (SPAIN) – Atalanta has arrived in Valencia where access to the Champions League quarter-finals will be played in a few hours. The Nerazzurri players prepared the game in a surreal atmosphere because Bergamo is one of the cities most affected by the coronavirus that is bringing the whole country to its knees.

As soon as they arrived at Valencia airport, Atalanta football players were literally besieged by local journalists. One of them practically marked Papu Gomez as a man, in spite of the safety rules to avoid coronavirus infection.

So Gomez lost his temper and blurted out, “What are you doing? But don't you know that interviews are not done like this? Where to ask for permission and comply with UEFA regulations. You are clowns. "

Coronavirus, journalists do not respect the yardstick. Gomez blurts out: "You are clowns."

Gomez has never denied an interview to anyone, he has always behaved in an exemplary way with journalists but this time they really exaggerated. It is absurd, in the time of the coronavirus, to hunt a person in this way. Journalists did not stick to the safety distance which must be strictly one meter. The episode was picked up by the Spanish media. Below is the video from YouTube.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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