Coronavirus, Oriana Sabatini (girlfriend Dybala): “New buffer on March 31st. I was very sick … “

TURIN – The worst seems to have passed. Oriana Sabatini , Paulo Dybala's fiancée, was rather ill after contracting the coronavirus but is now on the path to recovery and on March 31 she will undergo a new swab to see if this time it will be negative.

A few days ago, Oriana told the symptoms that made her understand that she had fallen ill with coronavirus:

“My head hurt, my bones hurt and I was having difficulty breathing. I was definitely sick … ".

Today Sabatini returned to the topic through an interview with the radio show El Club del Moro, of the La100 broadcaster.

The statements of Paulo Dybala's girlfriend are reported by

“Now we are better but two or three days ago I felt pretty bad. We have been in isolation for nine days.

Doctors told us they would do another swab on March 31st. In the meantime, they told us to rest and prescribed some vitamins to take.

How did I notice the coronavirus? It's like when you feel the flu is coming, your whole body hurts, you're tired.

I didn't have a fever, because I always measured it and didn't have it. I heard that my lungs made a strange noise, then Paulo started to feel bad too. As it happens with the flu symptoms, at least for us it was like this. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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