Coronavirus, Oddo furious with runners: “Don’t break the c …”

Coronavirus, Oddo furioso con i runner: "Non rompete i c..."

Coronavirus, Oddo furious with runners: "Don't break the c …" (photo from Facebook)

ROME – Massimo Oddo , a former Lazio and Milan footballer who won the World Cup in 2006 with the shirt of the Italian national team, wrote a Facebook post about the coronavirus attacking the runners hard.

Here is the post published on Facebook by the former Italian national footballer.

"But I say, health workers sacrifice themselves for us and risk contagion, many people are dying, hospitals are collapsing, many people are forced to work also to guarantee" our survival ", and I read that the problem of so many people are, "if you can go running".

But don't break your balls and stay at home, also in respect of all these people !! Only this they ask us .. #coronavirus #collaborate ".

Massimo Oddo's post went viral on social networks because he collected a lot of likes, approval comments and shares on Facebook.

Runners are irresponsible. You don't need to go running to the park to do cardio. There are many circuits, including bodyweight ones, that allow you to keep fit from home.

Not only that, for running lovers there are many machines that allow you to reproduce the movement even from home. The important thing is to go out as little as possible. The ride to the park is not a valid reason to jeopardize the health of others.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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