Coronavirus, Neville: “Clubs requesting players’ salary cuts must not be transferred to the market in a few months”

MANCHESTER (ENGLAND) – Gary Neville lashes out against the big Premier League clubs during an interview with Sky Sports UK.

According to Neville, clubs that fight to cut football players' wages should not be able to transfer to the market in a few months.

“The clubs complain that they are in an economic crisis due to the coronavirus and ask for the reduction of the players' salaries but then in a few months they will spend 100 or 200 million euros for players like Kane or Sancho.

This is an inconsistency. These clubs are punished. I suggest to the League not to allow them to transfer. If you say you have no money, you cannot subsequently spend 100 or 200 million to make a purchase. "

Then Neville talked about Kane. According to him, Manchester United should buy it to guarantee a bright future in attack.

According to Neville, United would have a backbone with Kane as he already has Maguire in defense and Bruno Fernandes in midfield. Neville's statements to Sky Sports UK are reported by

“Every Premier League club would like someone like Kane, we know he cannot be beaten in terms of mentality, he has always scored, he gives 100% in all training and it is the type of purchase that each manager would like.

There are transfers that are like gold, and this would be a fantastic purchase for Manchester United and what it needs. With Fernandes in midfield and Maguire defending, Kane would form a fantastic backbone

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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