Coronavirus, Naples organizes flashmob: “Look out on the balcony and sing” A day suddenly “

Coronavirus, Napoli organizza flashmob: "Affacciatevi al balcone e cantate “Un giorno all’improvviso"

Coronavirus, Naples organizes flashmob: "Look out on the balcony and sing" A day suddenly "

ROME – After the success of the anthem of Mameli, sung loudly on all the balconies of Italy, it is the turn of the anti-coronavirus flashmob launched by Napoli Calcio.

Here is the post of the Campania company published on the official Twitter profile of Napoli:

"Today, at 7.45pm, let's sing Naples! Look out the balcony / window and sing "A day suddenly …"!

Send a message to your friends, neighbors and across the street and publish the videos by tagging @sscnapoli and using the hashtag #HaDaPassaANuttata!
 #Go Napoli forever".

Coronavirus, Lorenzo Insigne of Napoli's appeal also arrives: "I recommend you don't leave the house".

“Guys, please stay at home, don't go out. So all together we fight the coronavirus. M'arraccumann uagliu 'nun ascit statev at home ". Lorenzo Insigne says it in an Instagram video .

The captain of Napoli yesterday spoke on the phone with the Campania governor De Luca to make a donation to the regional health system and today he made an appeal directly to the Neapolitans, first in Italy and then in dialect.

The video from YouTube with the catchphrase of the Napoli fans.

An archive video from YouTube where Napoli fans in the stands of the San Paolo Stadium sang "A day suddenly …".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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