Coronavirus, Naples-Barcelona: medical check for Messi and his companions

Coronavirus, Napoli-Barcellona: check medico per Messi e compagni

Coronavirus, Napoli-Barcelona Champions League: medical check for Leo Messi and his companions (photo Ansa)

NAPLES – Coronavirus has led to the postponement of four Serie A games ( Inter-Sampdoria, Atalanta-Sassuolo, Verona-Cagliari and Toro-Parma) and the alert will also be maximum on the occasion of the European games of our Italian teams. Starting from the Napoli-Barcelona Champions League.

As reported by Il Corriere dello Sport, quoting ESPN, for the Coronavirus alarm, the Barcelona members will have to carry out a medical check upon arrival at the Naples airport: a body temperature check and, in case of high temperature, further tests in hospital . These are the guidelines established by the Italian health authorities with the government in the forefront to combat the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus and European cups, Ludogorets writes to UEFA and Inter Milan.

Ludogorets formally asked UEFA and Inter Milan for clarification on the situation in Lombardy and in the capital Milan. Cases of coronavirus infection have been reported these days, "writes the Bulgarian club of Ludogorets, an opponent of Inter in the return of the round of 32 of the Europa League on Thursday evening at 9 pm in San Siro.

”More than 600 fans are expected to support the team at San Siro. Many of them – explains the company with a note on its website – have already purchased airline tickets and there are organized bus trips from Bulgaria to Italy. Ludogorets expects an official statement and a quick explanation from Inter on the situation in the city.

If received, the Club will immediately inform its supporters of the situation in Milan via a message on its official website. Ludogorets will collaborate with the Bulgarian diplomatic authorities on the situation in Italy "(sources Il Corriere dello Sport, ESPN and Ansa).

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