Coronavirus, Minister Spadafora: “Football matches behind closed doors in risk areas”

Coronavirus, il ministro Spadafora: "Partite di calcio a porte chiuse nelle zone a rischio"

Coronavirus, Minister Spadafora (Pictured Ansa): "Football matches behind closed doors in risk areas"

ROME – A decree to play football games behind closed doors in risk areas, given the emergency situation for coronaviruses. The minister for youth policies and sport, Vincenzo Spadafora, has already proposed to the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte the draft ministerial decree which provides for the possibility of playing games behind closed doors in areas at risk of contagion from coronavirus. The decision, ministerial sources explain, was already taken yesterday evening and the scheme is almost completed.

On Sunday the Prime Minister explained, with regard to the matches: “We will suffer a little, but at the moment I cannot say if we will continue with the same measures next week. We take our evaluations based on the evaluation of technicians and experts. We will see and monitor the evolution of the virus infection and evaluate. If we have a strong containment effect, it will reassure us, but I don't think we can loosen it in a few days ". (Source: Ansa)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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