Coronavirus, Michela Moioli mourns her grandmother: “No greeting and funeral”

ROME – The noise of silence. Alzano Lombardo is mourned and Michela Moioli struggles to contain the emotion. Her grandmother Camilla passed away on Saturday night at age 85 for the Coronavirus. His grandfather Antonio is still hospitalized in Bergamo but "improving".

The joy of conquering the third Snowboard World Cup immediately leaves room for pain. Immense. Indescribable. Her triumphs, the hope of the 24-year-old, were "a veil of hope" and "a smile" for Italy on her knees but dismay continues to prevail over pride for "having clenched her teeth" in this "tragic situation ".

“It's a nightmare – he tells ANSA on the phone -. It is impossible to process mourning. You can't go to the hospital to say goodbye. The funeral, if you can call it that, lasted just 5 minutes: the parish priest's blessing, the cemetery, not even the family's recollection. It leaves us a void impossible to fill. "

Moioli is proven and takes long pauses in order not to lose the decisive stamp. The scenario in the province of Bergamo is apocalyptic.

“There are even coffins missing – he says -. The silence is deafening, nothing is heard. Only ambulance sirens and death bells. It's devastating, we don't even know what to say to each other, we've really finished the words. "

But Moioli does not lose optimism and, without rhetoric, is convinced that people can learn from this dramatic situation and become more united and supportive:

“We are all on the same boat, we give comfort with a look, with a virtual hug. We will become better, we will appreciate people more, we will learn to live better every moment.

We will help others more, we will be less selfish. Even feeling Italian will become an ever stronger feeling because we will have come out of it as a nation ”.

Sport also becomes a trifle for an Olympic champion who uses physical exercise to keep her mind occupied:

“I do weights, I put plants. I don't want to sit on the sofa and watch TV and eat. We must maintain healthy habits. We really live in limbo.

I think of the athletes who have prepared Tokyo for four years and now have no certainties. It is a paradoxical situation. But stopping everything is the right choice: health always wins the gold medal and comes first. " (source ANSA, article by Luca Guazzoni).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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