Coronavirus, Mazzola’s appeal to the players: “Donate 5% of your salary to hospitals”

Coronavirus, appello di Mazzola ai calciatori: "Donate il 5% del vostro stipendio agli ospedali"

Coronavirus, Mazzola's appeal to the players: "Donate 5% of your salary to hospitals" (photo Ansa)

ROME – Sandro Mazzola , former Inter footballer and European champion in 1968 and world vice-champion in 1970 with the Italian national team, was interviewed during "A day as a sheep", talk show conducted by   Geppi Cucciari and Giorgio Lauro, with the participation of Francesca Fornario and the Ebernies, on the frequencies of Rai Radio 1.

In the course of this interview, Mazzola launched an appeal to the players to concretely fight the problems caused by the coronavirus: “All players should donate just five percent of their salary. It would be a very beautiful thing. This money should be donated to hospital facilities. "

Coronavirus, Sandro Mazzola agrees with Mario Balotelli: "Championship to be suspended".

Here are the statements made by former footballer Sandro Mazzola to the microphones of a sheep's day on Rai Radio 1.

“You can do a very nice thing – he said -, that is to give the players a salary cut by 5%. Why? Who should they target it for? To research, to hospitals. Stop football? In my opinion, the championship should be stopped, playing again is a danger in my opinion. Balotelli also agree? That he says a right thing is also strange but he is right this time … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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