Coronavirus, Matthew Longstaff leads by example: the Premier’s lowest paid footballer has cut his salary

LONDON (ENGLAND) – While the Premier League clubs and the footballers ' association are waging war on the subject of players ' salaries, the "poorest" footballer in England has set a good example.

Matthew Longstaff is 20 years old, plays for Newcastle and earns just £ 850 a week , £ 3,398 per month and £ 40,776 per year .

When he's the least paid player to lead by example, the story of Matthew Longstaff.

He earns £ 850 (around € 975) per week, so with his monthly salary of around € 3900, Newcastle's 20-year-old Matthew Longstaff is the least paid player in the Premier League.

But this does not mean that he renounces his contribution in the fight against the Covid-10 pandemic, so he decided to cut 30% of his salary.

It will be donated for charity works in favor of those suffering from coronavirus, as part of the Premier League initiative "Players Together".

On Twitter his story has been taken up by many and many have used the icon to comment with their clapping hands.

The first to do it, obviously, were the fans of the 'Magpies', of which Longstaff has already become one of the darlings after his debut in the first team, with goals, against Manchester United (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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