Coronavirus, Marotta: “Juventus-Inter is played on Sunday or Monday” VIDEO

Coronavirus, Marotta: "Juventus-Inter si gioca domenica o lunedì"

Coronavirus, Marotta: "Juventus-Inter will be played on Sunday or Monday"

ROME – After days of fierce controversy, we have not yet reached a solution. When is Juventus-Inter played? It is still unknown but Marotta has narrowed the circle to two options: "Either you play on Sunday, with the postponement of the next championship round, or you play on Monday". At least an agreement has not yet been reached on one of the two days.

Coronavirus, Marotta: "Without closed doors it is difficult to end the championship".

Here are the declarations made by Marotta at the end of the extraordinary assembly of Lega A: “The instrument of closed doors could be the only one to be able to complete the championship in light of what are the restrictions that the government is rightly showing us. The League Council has ratified the proposal of the 20 companies, which is to resume suspended matches. This is the situation at the moment.

When will Juventus-Inter be played? It should be played on Sunday or Monday. in a time of great emergency in the country, with very serious health problems ahead of us, we must absolutely become aware of this fact and in our football field it is clear that the attempt – concluded Marotta – is to complete the championship with the maximum regularity, without creating a competitive imbalance ".
Source: Vista Agency / Alexander Jakhnagiev.

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