Coronavirus, Madrid on its knees. All the fault of Atletico-Liverpool?

MADRID (SPAIN) – The coronavirus is bringing the city of Madrid and Spain to their knees.

The death toll is merciless. Spain outnumbered China's casualties despite a significantly lower population.

The Chinese population exceeds one billion and 400 thousand inhabitants and coronavirus deaths are "just" 3287. In Spain, there are more deaths, 3475, out of a population of "just" 47 million inhabitants.

According to some experts, the contagion would have started with a game. The "zero" game would be the Champions League match between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid .

Many people have moved between there and back. As many as three thousand Madrid fans went to Liverpool.

Before this challenge, there were only two infected in Madrid. After this Champions League match, it suddenly went to almost three thousand infected.

For the record, the Champions League round was passed, against all odds, by Atletico Madrid.

The team coached by the "Cholo" Simeone managed to eliminate Liverpool who was the reigning European champion.

The match was resolved in extra time because after Atletico's 1-0 win in Madrid, there had been success with the same result as Liverpool in England.

So the teams went to extra time. Liverpool had brought two to zero but then suffered the Spanish comeback with the match that ended on three to two for Atletico. Simeone's team qualified in the quarterfinals of the Champions League for scoring the most away goals.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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