Coronavirus, Lukaku shocked: “I only hear ambulance sirens”

MILAN – Inter center forward Romelu Lukaku is in quarantine like the other teammates after the positivity to the coronavirus of Rugani and Matuidi, the last opponents of the Nerazzurri in the championship.

During this precautionary isolation phase, the giant Belgian center forward was interviewed by the American site Bleacher Report via Skype. His statements are reported by the Corriere dello Sport.

“I wouldn't say I'm scared. But it is like living in a bubble, you try to understand what is happening and at the same time you know you are in the country most affected in Europe.

In some cities, you only hear ambulance sirens going back and forth. I already knew it was only a matter of time before any player contracted the disease.

Unfortunately it happened, now the list is getting longer. It's difficult because you miss the sport you love but overall health is much more important than football right now.

Workouts? For me, before I start again, public health should be safe. If we have to play in a situation where general health is not safe, why should we play?

There is still a risk that players may get sick. The family in Belgium? We have a great group chemistry. We have a WhatsApp chat that we talk to every day. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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