Coronavirus, Lotito: “I don’t understand why not go back to training”

ROME – The president of Lazio Claudio Lotito , interviewed by the family radio, radio Lazio Style, pushes for a return at least to training:

"People who go to clean the hospitals, if made safe, can do their job – the words of the president of Lazio – I did not understand, therefore, how an athlete could not carry out his activity".

“To a physicist stuck for a month and a half – continues Lotito – you create problems, because they are physical structures used to training twice a day. With the preventive screening between blood tests and swabs, when we checked all the parameters of the players, we could go back to training in a totally sanitized environment ".

“No player has ever been hospitalized – says the president of Lazio – in hospital because they have a certain physique. The athlete trains in the open air, is checked 24 hours a day, I don't understand why he couldn't train. It's a scientific thing, I don't understand this method ”.

"I – Lotito says – are out of respect for the name of the state, but in the context there is no scientific validation that in this controlled regime, in a protocol, can prohibit sports activities".

Chapter return to the field.

“Out of respect for a common line we stopped. To protect everyone, also out of respect for the conditions of the country. Training is not a playful act, but a working one. They work in factories as well as on football fields. On choices that do not have a scientific basis, it was decided to avoid training ".

“With absolute caution we will return. In a sports center like Lazio, equipped with every comfort and health measures, nobody risks health. I have staff from my companies who work in hospitals where there are Covid-19 cases. At Formello we immediately had masks, tests, gloves, glasses ".

"For a month and a half that we have adopted these measures – he concludes – I do not understand the reasons that prevent the resumption of training". (Source: Lazio Style).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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