Coronavirus, Lotito: “Final scudetto between Lazio and Juventus? Why not”

ROME – A Scudetto final between Lazio and Juventus?

"I would accept it but I never asked myself the problem", explains Lazio president Claudio Lotito, who in an interview with La Repubblica instead says no to the playoffs:

"Today I am one point away from Juventus, and only for Juventus-Inter that … oh well, you have seen it.

But in the first leg against Juve I won 3-1 and also in the Super Cup I beat it 3-1.

And we still had to play the return.

For fairness, a team like Inter, which has 8 points less than us, or Atalanta, which has 14 points less, tell me if they should be involved. "

Lotito then denies the accusations of wanting to restart the season at all costs only for their own interests, related to the championship fight:

“If I don't play anymore I am already in the Champions League and I save four salary months.

I would have the convenience not to play, but I think of the system. Others don't ”.

And again: “ Starting off in any case penalizes us.

We had made a choice, believing we couldn't play it on three fronts we had sacrificed the Europa League, so we would have played once a week while the others played twice.

If we left we would all play twice a week, we would lose an advantage.

But I think in the interest of 20 clubs " , while" in people's heads there is the idea of ​​blocking relegations even at the cost of finding the 22-team Serie A ".

On the start of training no earlier than May 18 indicated by Spadafora comments:

“And why is one date better than another? Do you have a study that we are not aware of?

The championship would start behind closed doors, there would be 70, 80, perhaps 90 people in addition to the teams: just do the checks for them too (…).

In Rome and in the center-south there are no problems, if other stadiums are not suitable a solution is found, after all the summer is going to retreat, isn't it? ". (Source: La Repubblica).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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