Coronavirus, Lo Monaco: “Serie C clubs ask for championship cancellation”

ROME – Serie C clubs do not want to resume the championship following the coronavirus emergency. This was revealed by Lo Monaco , federal councilor for Serie C.

The declarations made by Lo Monaco to Sportitalia are reported by

“40% of third series companies are in danger of disappearing. There will be a general meeting on April 3 and there will be a debate on one thing: the will of all Serie C clubs to submit a request for the end of the championship.

It is unthinkable to continue a season that for Serie C means to be already out of any logic.

This, consequently, will lead to the cancellation of the championship, the suspension of the emoluments, the possibility for some players to enter the redundancy fund, the blocked taxes and also the restitution of the sureties.

Finally, the position of Reggina, Monza and Vicenza and the solutions that can be taken must be assessed ".

Ghirelli, president of the Lega Pro, spoke on the matter. His statements are reported by the Ansa.

“President Gravina does well to call for reforms. My times are these: on April 3 I called the assembly to discuss the measures (exogenous and endogenous) that must be taken to govern the emergency phase and try to put the Lega Pro ship on the waterline, this is our priority and it is the same that lives the whole country.

We do it in an atmosphere of pain and respect for those suffering from the precariousness and terrible uncertainty of the moment, this requires attention in the arguments and attention so that they do not detonate unbearable fights; between April 15 and 20 I will reconvene the assembly to discuss the crisis plan / strategic plan to be ready for the restart (including cost cuts, subsidiarity etc.) and reforms (including the championship).

If the pain is alleviated we will talk about reforms, otherwise we will convene another assembly in early May. In any case, the merit of the reform will be decided together. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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