Coronavirus, Liverpool-Atletico at the base of the infections? Hypothesis to be studied for the British government

LIVERPOOL (ENGLAND) – Liverpool-Atletico Madrid could be the basis of contagions in Great Britain .

According to Angela McLean, scientific adviser to the British government, this is a hypothesis to be studied carefully.

The game was played in a stadium crowded by 50 thousand spectators , and from then on the coronavirus hit the cities of Liverpool and Madrid.

McLean's statements are reported by

"I was very sorry to know that in Liverpool many people got sick and many died – he explained – I think the issue should be placed in the context of the policies in force at that time.

In the normal circumstances in which we used to live until recently, going to a game at the stadium was not a significant element of risk. "

"In the unusual situation in which we find ourselves, spending most of our time at home, it certainly is not appropriate to allow so many people to go all together and simultaneously in the same place – continued Angela McLean, who then focused on the more purely scientific discourse -.

In the future, when all the scientific investigations have been completed, it will be interesting to analyze the possible link between the virus circulated in Liverpool and that circulated in Spain ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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