Coronavirus, Lapo Elkann attacks Cobolli Gigli: “Instead of criticizing Cristiano Ronaldo, take an example”

TURIN – Lapo Elkann unleashed on social networks. The largest shareholder of Italia Independent Group exposed himself in defense of Juventus: first he attacked Lotito, then Cobolli Gigli .

Let's go in order, starting with Lapo against Lotito. A few hours before his tweet, the Lazio patron had argued with Andrea Agnelli about the possible resumption of the Serie A championship.

According to Lotito, there would be the basis for starting again as soon as possible. The president of Lazio is strong on statistics that would indicate a decrease in coronavirus infections in our country.

Agnelli beat him up and said: "Are you also a virologist now ?!". A few hours later, Lapo tweeted in defense of the Juventus president: "Lotito … does he have a degree in virology or statistics? Enlighten us. In the meantime, I remind you that the optimist is often nothing more than an ill-informed pessimist ”.

After the controversy with Lotito, the one with Cobolli Gigli began. The former Juventus president criticized the Bianconeri for allowing Cristiano Ronaldo to return to Madeira.

"He returned to Portugal for his mother and now shows up on social media while sunbathing by the pool …

I don't understand why the players left Italy, when they return they won't be able to resume immediately because they will have to stay in quarantine.

Everything degenerated starting from Cristiano Ronaldo who left saying he had to go to his mother and now he shows himself only in the pool.

Granted permission to him, then it was done with Higuain and gradually with everyone else. Juve style or not, it shouldn't be done: they had to stay in the hotel in quarantine. And even the Inter players should not have left. "

Lapo Elkann's defense of Cristiano Ronaldo is ready:

“Dear Cobolli Gigli, CR7 has ALWAYS been doing a lot of charity. In addition, Cristiano together with Jorge Mendes donated 35 intensive care places to the hospitals of Porto and Lisbon.

In place of criticizing just for visibility, doesn't it seem appropriate to take example and thank CR7 and all those who are doing SO MUCH in front of this emergency? CR7, we love you ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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