Coronavirus, Kompany ready to pay comrades’ salaries

ROME – In Italy, Juventus players have cut their salaries to deal with the coronavirus emergency and those of other clubs will soon do as well.

In Germany and Spain, the players of Borussia M. and Barcelona did the same but not all players think the same way …

In Belgium, more than half of Anderlecht's squad is unwilling to cut their wages.

There is great tension between the players of the Belgian club and the managers of Anderlecht so Kompany has decided to take the situation in hand to resolve it.

Kompany, who is a true Belgian football legend, has gained palates of millions over the course of his long experience with the English of Manchester City so he thought of acting to unravel the skein.

Kompany has decided to give up a month's wages and has also said he is willing to pay wages to his teammates who don't accept this cut.

In this way, Anderlecht could get back the money lost due to the coronavirus and at the same time his teammates would not lose even a hundredth of their salaries.

And they all lived happily ever after? Yes, thanks to a champion with a golden heart named Vincent Jéan Mpoy Kompany…

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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