Coronavirus, Klopp furious with Liverpool fans: “Get those idiotic hands away!”

Coronavirus, Klopp furioso con i tifosi: "Togliete quelle mani idioti!"

Coronavirus, Klopp furious with the fans: "Get those idiotic hands away!" (still image from YouTube video)

LIVERPOOL (ENGLAND) – Another outburst of Jurgen Klopp on the coronavirus.

At the entrance of the players, for the Champions League game between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid, Klopp lashed out against the fans who leaned forward to give five to their favorites.

"Get those hands off, you fucking idiots!" In fact, the German technician is not entirely wrong if we consider the rules to avoid coronavirus infection. People stay within a safe distance of one meter and obviously must avoid any form of physical contact.

Just before the game, Klopp himself was annoyed by a question from a reporter about the coronavirus.

"There are more important things than football, you have to find a solution and as I said I am not the one who can give it, I don't know if it helps to play behind closed doors, we have to respect the decisions that are made, we all have family and we will accept any measure .

You live in Madrid and are afraid, aren't you? Football is a part of society but we all have this problem, even those who don't play. This is what I hate about these questions, you ask me these things and then you fly over here so you think football is worth something.

We play by doing our part, your job is to get information and I hope you do it better than you ask questions. All players are healthy and we are not worried, not shaking hands is a signal for society and this problem can be stopped with our behavior "(YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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