Coronavirus, Juventus players cut their salaries: Cristiano Ronaldo renounces more than 10 million euros

TURIN – Juventus players take to the field against the coronavirus. Juventus players have cut their wages, in this way Juventus has saved ninety million euros.

Among them, Cristiano Ronaldo stands out. The Portuguese champion has given up more than ten million euros.

A beautiful gesture in an Italian and international panorama where only the players of Borussia Mönchengladbach have done the same.

Ronaldo made this noble gesture while his historic rival Messi, as well as the other Barcelona players, did not give up a cent of his very high compensation.

The gesture of the Juventus players has been enhanced by Gravina, president of the FIGC. His declarations are reported by

"The agreement reached by Juve is an example for the whole system – he said commenting on the agreement between clubs, players and Juventus coaches given the Coronavirus emergency -.

I thank Giorgio Chiellini, his companions and Maurizio Sarri because in the wake of the collaboration that the Federation has hoped for for days, they have placed the general interest at the center of their interlocution with the club.

Unity and solidarity in the world of football represent the first great response to the emergency we are experiencing and which risks being even more serious if we do not have to return to play.

Only through the contribution of all the protagonists, each for its part, will we make football stronger ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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