Coronavirus, Jankto raises the alarm: “15 positive for Sampdoria, I could be too”

GENOA – “ We are closed in an apartment with the whole family . The annoying thing is that we cannot go anywhere, we are still in a limited space.

I was in direct contact with my already infected teammates. Fifteen people have already been infected in the club , but it may not be like that anymore, the number could be even higher . "

Thus tells the forced quarantine because of the coronavirus cases that affected some teammates at Sampdoria the blucerchiato midfielder, Jakub Jankto contacted by the Czechs of ''.

“I'm not sure I'm healthy, but I feel good and I hope I'm not infected. Maybe I have the virus and I don't know yet , I try not to think about it. I can only follow all regulations, hygiene, but nothing more. I hope to be well, "concludes the Dorian footballer.

Sampdoria is the Serie A team most affected by the coronavirus but the first player infected in our league was Daniele Rugani of Juventus.

Rugani has also infected his girlfriend Michela Persico, who is pregnant. At the moment both Rugani and Persico are in good health. Yesterday came the news of the infection of another Juventus player, the French midfielder Blaise Matuidi (source AdnKronos).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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