Coronavirus, is the Premier League back in May? Footballers protest: “Too dangerous”

LONDON (ENGLAND) – Total clash between the association of players in the English league and Premier League clubs .

The clubs, pressured by the televisions, push for the return to the field in May, even if behind closed doors for the now known events of the coronavirus, while the players do not want to play because they consider it too dangerous.

Companies want to play in order not to miss the latest installment of TV rights.

The televisions are pushing for the return to the field because they are submerged by the protests of the subscribers who are currently paying the full price of the subscription to see replicas of old games.

In a scenario where the TV companies do not want to pay the clubs and therefore do not want to pay the players because at the moment they are not working, since they neither train nor play matches, it is precisely the players who are most afraid of being infected by the coronavirus …

Football is a contact sport that greatly accentuates the chances of contagion. Just think of Juventus-Inter or Valencia-Atalanta of the Champions League, two games that are considered the outbreaks of the world of football …

After these matches, three Juventus players and almost half of the Valencia squad were found to be positive.

In addition, in England, sports activities are stopped until April 30th.

Playing on May 3 would mean taking the field almost "cold", with very few training sessions on the legs.

So it would be doubly dangerous, for the coronavirus and for any accidents …

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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