Coronavirus, Holland stops the football championship: stop until September

AMSTERDAM (HOLLAND) – The Dutch Football Association "does not intend to continue" the season of the Eredivisie, after the national government has extended the ban on important events until September 1 because of the coronavirus.

At this moment Ajax and AZ Alkmaar are leading the championship after 26 games, with Ajax leading by goal difference.

KNVB in a note declared its intention to "not continue playing the 2019-20 'competition", adding that however it will consult UEFA before making a final decision.

If the Dutch Football Association "has not yet definitively canceled the competitions – explains the note – it is because of the financial difficulties in the football sector, due to the crisis triggered by the pandemic".

Eredivisie clubs will meet on Friday "to discuss the consequences" of the decision, while the training camps will reopen "under strict conditions" so that players can get back to work.

Ajax and Az Alkmaar are playing the championship as they currently have the same points.

Despite this, Ajax is first for the goal difference.

Ajax has a goal difference of more than 45, while Az Alkmaar stands at 37.

Third place in the standings for Feyenoord.

The Rotterdam team have six points less than Ajax and Az Alkmaar (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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