Coronavirus, Higuain fleeing Argentina with private jet: “I’m negative here is the test”

TURIN – After Cristiano Ronaldo , another Juventus player intends to spend his quarantine period away from Italy but we are talking about two different completions.

Ronaldo reached Portugal to follow the rehabilitation of his mother Maria Dolores Aveiro, hit a few weeks ago by a stroke, and was no longer able to return to Turin for a decree from the local government which prohibited flights to and from Italy.

When Ronaldo arrived in Portugal, neither Serie A nor the Champions League had yet been suspended. The news of the double positivity to the Coronavirus of Rugani and Matuidi had not yet come out.

Higuain is attempting to escape to Argentina after all this news has already surfaced.

As writes, an article signed by Jacopo Ricca, Higuain showed up at Turin Caselle airport with a medical certificate stating that he was not positive for coronavirus and with a private jet waiting for him on the runway.

For this reason, Polaria agents, who have been monitoring arrivals and departures from the Turin airport for weeks and who are scrupulously checking the authorizations to leave the country, but also to move within the Italian State, of those who come to the controls, have not been able to do nothing but authorize the flight.

As continues, the black and white center forward's plan is to reach Argentina, but the flights to his country from Italy are all blocked and so he organized a transfer with his family to reach France first, then Spain and from there fly to South America.

The agents also contacted the company to find out if the certifications presented were true, but it is not clear whether Juve was informed of the intentions by the top (source

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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