Coronavirus, Gravina: “Serie A could start again on May 20th”

ROME – The president of the Football Federation, Gabriele Gravina , spoke of a possible resumption of Serie A on 20 May on the microphones of Tmw radio.

“Nobody today is able to make predictions as long as the health emergency keeps society in check.

It is a unique emergency for the world. Once this has been overcome, however, we will have to start again, trace a restart path and football is questioning the modalities of this restart, the absolute priority is the conclusion of the championships ".

"It is a requirement to define the workforce and avoid a summer full of legal disputes – he added – this does not mean that the federation must also evaluate other hypotheses.

Until April 18 there should be a lockdown, the hypothesis is to start from May 20 or in a final analysis with the first of June, we will be able to define our championships in July ".

However, No. 1 of the FIGC does not exclude the possibility of going beyond these dates.

“We are going in different directions and there are two factors: the first is to comply with government orders and the second is the opportunity that UEFA and FIFA are giving us, to be able to go beyond June 30th. We are attentive and respectful, today no one can make predictions, but planning is a duty ".

Gravina reiterated that “the top priority is to close the national championships. Today a further decision has been taken, to move the windows for the national teams by freeing the window of June 1-9.

We have additional time to complete the national events.

The window at the end of May, until July 15-31 would be the one I would identify, so that I have plenty of time to start planning the 2020-21 season ".

(source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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