Coronavirus, Gravina and the Scudetto: “To end the days or the playoffs, we must end by 30 June”

Coronavirus, Gravina e lo scudetto: "Finire le giornate o i playoff, dobbiamo terminare entro il 30 giugno"

Coronavirus, Gravina and the Scudetto: "To end the days or the playoffs, we must end by June 30"

ROME – The Scudetto will be awarded. This is certified by Gravina , president of the FIGC, in an interview with Corriere dello Sport. With what formula? The most suitable to end the games by June 30th.

In short, if there is time, the championship will be concluded with all the days and after the regular season the tricolor will be assigned as it happens every year.

If there were no time to play all the days by June 30, the scudetto would be awarded with playoffs. It would be an unprecedented formula for Italian football.

«We have a dead line. It is June 30th. Contracts, insurance, licenses expire. The football year ends. Going further means introducing completely exceptional regulatory changes ».

«How many days does it take to end the remaining days? 45 to 60 days. In two months we complete everything with certainty. Even if we start in May, it can be done ».

«We will not resume in April. I believe that April will still be partly a month of suffering, and partly to accompany the resumption of activities. But I don't have a crystal ball. "

«Everyone thinks that the only problem is to assign the championship. But we have to determine who goes to the Champions League and the Europa League, who goes back to B, who goes up to A, who goes back to C and who goes up to B.

Does it seem little to you? The scudetto is the least of the problems because theoretically one could not even assign the title, but everything else has to be established. Giving up on promotions and retrocessions would be a violation of the subjective interests of many companies ».

I think freezing a leaderboard is a mistake to avoid. The value of competition must be safeguarded. We have to give those who have invested a lot in a sport goal a chance.

It means playing as much as possible. Carry on with the championship and finish it if possible. Otherwise it will be the turn of playoffs and playouts but we don't want to freeze the ranking »(source Il Corriere dello Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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