Coronavirus, Gomez bursts on Instagram: “Runners who c … you have in mind? Porca p … “

BERGAMO- The city of Bergamo and the Lombardy Region are the areas most affected by the coronavirus.

Papu Gomez , who is the same as the team from the city of Bergamo, Atalanta, wanted to let off steam on Instagram accusing people who are not respecting the rules of conduct set by the government decree.

Coronavirus, Papu Gomez: "We always wake up with bad news, stop it, don't go running, stay home!".

Here is the long post published on social media by Papu Gomez through Instagram stories.

"I say this to all runners or fake runners who still want to go out and train … stay at home, bitch put *** a. What do you have in your head? Enough, enough, enough … every morning we wake up with bad news, people die, you still don't realize? Everyone at home, nobody has to go out. "

Shortly thereafter, Papu Gomez published another Instagram story about the coronavirus by increasing the dose.

“Healthcare is at the limit – he continues – If we go on like this, supermarkets will also close us, you can only buy online as they did in Wuhan. They are not holidays, you cannot take the dog out or go to the supermarket just to get some air … this is SERIOUS. As long as we're not all at home, it won't stop. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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