Coronavirus, French doctors: “We test the vaccine in Africa”. Eto’o: “Children of p …”

ROME – On a French channel, LCI, yesterday, therefore, on Thursday 2 April, some French doctors spoke about the coronavirus situation in Africa.

Guests in the studio were Jean Paul Mira, head of the resuscitation service of the Cochin Hospital in Paris and Camille Locht, director of Inserm, the French research institute.

The two doctors missed some phrases like "They don't even have masks and resuscitators there" or "Studies like those on AIDS on prostitutes could be done". The two doctors then also opened up the possibility of testing the vaccine in Africa.

Phrases that, of course, have infuriated many on social media. Among the many who have shown their anger on various social networks, some African footballers and former footballers.

“Welcome to the West – former Chelsea forward Demba Ba wrote for example on Twitter – where white believes he is so superior that racism and weakness become a banality. It's time to get up. "

"Of the sons of p …" wrote the former Inter striker of José Mourinho Samuel Eto'o ( click here to watch the video with the words of the French doctors and to read Eto'o's answer).

“Absolutely unacceptable – the words of the ex Chelsea player Didier Drogba – that we continue to consider Africa as a laboratory. That's disgusting. African leaders have a responsibility to protect their peoples from such horrendous conspiracies. "

Source: Twitter, FanPage.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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