Coronavirus, Fonseca: “I don’t understand the ‘no’ to training. Rome can help people forget “

ROME – Paulo Fonseca loudly calls for the resumption of training and the football championship.

According to the Portuguese coach, the Trigoria sports center allows players to train in compliance with anti-coronavirus rules .

The declarations made by Fonseca to Teleradiostereo are reported by

Resume workouts? I say yes.

I can't understand why you can run in a park full of people and instead you can't train in Trigoria, where there are all the possibilities to work safely.

We have three fields and are safer than going to a park.

All conditions were in Trigoria.

Right now it's important. In this difficult situation Roma can help forget the social problem.

If we have a team that makes the Romans dream, the city can be cheerful by forgetting the real problem we have at the moment.

Here it is different than the places where I coached, people are really fond of the team and everything we do influence the Roma players.

If before I was proud now I am even more proud because Rome has done a great social job.

This shows the link between people and the team, this is more important than the results ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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