Coronavirus, Federica Pellegrini interviewed by Cattelan: “Remote simulated races: this is how we qualify for the Olympics”

MILAN – Federica Pellegrini was a guest of "And then there is Cattelan ", a broadcast which, due to the coronavirus, was broadcast in a social version with the swimmer connected via Skype.

Pellegrini recounted the paradoxical situation she is experiencing from a sporting point of view. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics have not yet been postponed but remain at high risk.

“This week we should have had the qualifications for Tokyo 2020 in Riccione: we will simulate the races in our swimming pool, put on the racing costume and do it as if they were normal races. Each on its own. It's a surreal situation. "

In these quarantine days, Federica Pellegrini is often updating her Instagram profile to spread messages of hope.

"Eh my Italy   …. we will overcome this too !!   … provided that each of us does everything possible !!

I for my part thank the sky that my family is well (albeit in the red area), I feel lucky because my swimming pool still allows me to swim (not being Verona in the red area) who knows who is watching from above ☺☺ … the qualifications for the Olympics have been canceled but we still have to go on working for that !!  ♀️ ♀️ ♀️ … always taking due precautions   ….

Verified Distances must not separate us. Even if you're young, it's time to respect them. Stretch one arm towards the other and it will almost feel like touching. ❤❤ #DistantiMaUniti #iorestoacasa.

I'm sure this moment will teach us a lot !!   It will make us more united, stronger! Abandoned and mocked by (almost) EVERYONE we will come OUT alone and we will be even more PROUD to be ITALIAN!   …. ps: we will not forget !! #ITALY   ❤ #everything will be fine".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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