Coronavirus, Federica Pellegrini: “Concerned about my brother who lives in London”

Coronavirus, Federica Pellegrini: "Preoccupata per mio fratello che vive a Londra"

Coronavirus, Federica Pellegrini: "Concerned about my brother who lives in London" (in the photo Federica Pellegrini's family)

ROME – Federica Pellegrini has her brother, Alessandro Pellegrini, who has lived and worked in London for years. Interviewed by La Repubblica, the champion did not hide her concern for her brother after the emergency for coronavirus in the United Kingdom increases day by day.

“I am afraid for my brother Alessandro – said Pellegrini – who works in London where there is talk of contagion of flocks and where the prime minister says he is preparing to lose family members: I am shocked for such out of sorts speeches. My brother and I are ready to go and take him on foot to bring him back to Italy ".

On the family (parents and grandmother) who are now in quarantine, she admits: “At first we perhaps took it lightly, thinking that it was a worse fever than the others. I was worried about my mom who is immunocompromised and is at risk and my grandmother because of her age. But now I'm locked up in my father's house and I'm more relaxed. "

Federica Pellegrini finally sends a message: “I am convinced that when we come out of it, it will help us to be more respectful and to do a little more team play. To feel strong like Italians. Rediscover the value of rules and belonging to a community. We are all united, we are all together in this emergency. Let's hold on and think positive and wait. We can't do anything else. " (source THE REPUBLIC)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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