Coronavirus, Dybala’s girlfriend speaks: “I had respiratory problems”

TURIN – After Paulo Dybala, his fiancée Oriana Sabatini also wanted to post a message on Instagram to explain to everyone his experience with the coronavirus.

Sabatini experienced the classic flu symptoms – cough, bone pain and headache – but respiratory problems added to these. Dybala's girlfriend noticed this while playing sports.

Here is the message posted on Instagram by Oriana Sabatini, Paulo Dybala's girlfriend.

“I wanted to make this video because no fake news comes out, especially for the people around me.

The two of us and a person who lives at home with us took the test – says Oriana – The results have arrived and we are all positive. Obviously we are fine, otherwise we are not making this video.

I had symptoms: coughing, my bones hurt, I had a headache. I continued to train because I didn't know I was infected.

I noticed that my breathing had changed not exactly for the better. Now the symptoms are over: I'm better, I'm still a little tired but I'm not as bad as before ".

Coronavirus positive Dybala, his announcement on social media

“Hi everyone – wrote the Juventus striker on Twitter – I wanted to inform you that we have just received the results of the Covid-19 test and both Oriana and I have tested positive. Fortunately we are in perfect condition. Thanks for your messages. Hello everybody!".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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