Coronavirus, Dmitry Strakhov 1st positive cyclist. Cassani: “Let’s stay at home”

Coronavirus, Dmitry Strakhov 1° ciclista positivo. Cassani: "Restiamo a casa"

Coronavirus, Dmitry Strakhov 1st positive cyclist. Cassani: "Let's stay at home" (Cassani in the photo Ansa)

ABU DHABI – Dmitry Strakhov is the first cyclist to test positive for coronavirus but he will almost certainly not be the only one because he was in Abu Dhabi for the UAE Tour 2020 race .

The organizing committee of the race, for safety reasons, subjected all cyclists to the pad. Strakhov was the first to test positive but he would not be the only one and the responses from the other cyclists' swabs are also expected by the hour. Right now, Strakhov is located in the Abu Dhabi hospital. He is fine but was immediately subjected to anti-coronavirus treatments.

The statements made by the cyclist to “After passing five tests in the hotel, they told me that I tested positive for coronavirus and that I have to go to the hospital. This, although I have not seen the results of the analyzes.

The hospital did other tests, took a blood sample and promised to give me the results soon. I am waiting and I feel good. I have observed and continue to observe all security measures. I hope this situation can be resolved soon. "

“We don't do stupid things. I'm talking to people like me. To all amateurs, to cyclists.
Hospitals are starting to have a shortage of fans available. So be careful. "

This is the appeal to the cycle amateurs of the coach of the Italian national cycling team, Davide Cassani, after the stop to the sport decreed for Coronavirus. “It is not necessary – adds Cassani on social networks – to have any respiratory pathology, the lungs must not be stressed, in case the virus enters and destroys even the deepest alveoli.

At our age I would aim for a few kilometers less and a few more years of life. I know, it's a sacrifice but we owe it to us and all the people are close to us and we will have a lot of time to ride a bike, but now we are at home. #I stay at home".

Several committees and companies are asking members not to ride bicycles to avoid accidents that could further congest emergency rooms and hospitals.
(source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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