Coronavirus? Diaconale (Lazio) thinks about the Scudetto: “Stop the championship? Lotito will not be fooled “

Coronavirus? Diaconale (Lazio) pensa allo scudetto: "Stop al campionato? Lotito non si farà imbrogliare"

Coronavirus? Diaconale (Lazio) thinks about the Scudetto: “Stop the championship? Lotito will not be fooled "

ROME – In these hours, everyone is shouting: "Health first" but there are those who also have other concerns. This is the Lazio spokesman Arturo Diaconale who, through his Facebook page, spoke of the "denied shield syndrome of 1915" by the Biancocelesti fans.

Below is the post by Diaconale who received a lot of criticism from fans from all over Italy (including many Lazio supporters).

“There is more to fear than Coronavirus alone. At least as regards the Lazio fans there is a second concern that winds more and more insistently and which, just to remain in the climate of an ongoing medical emergency, could be defined as the result of the denied shield syndrome of 1915.

The fear, in other words, is that the current championship will end the one interrupted by the outbreak of the Great War and that, as then, the interruption became an opportunity to deny Lazio the recognition of a championship won on the field, a possible interruption of the current championship due to the coronavirus may prevent today's Lazio from conquering that championship towards which it is currently projected by the brilliant results that have brought it to the top of the standings just one point from Juventus.

This denied Scudetto syndrome of 1915 is spreading almost as much as the flu epidemic from China. Because it triggers the ancient fear that, in a situation of maximum uncertainty caused by the health emergency that paralyzes the country, the interests of the big clubs may trigger against the white and blue society.

Just as you don't have to panic for coronavirus, you don't have to panic for denied shield syndrome. At the moment the interruption of the championship is a hypothesis still to be verified. The increase in the emergency due to imponderable causes could perhaps cause a pause.

That, however, could be closed with an exceptional emergency overcome, allowing the resumption of the matches and the regular conclusion of the championship. Maybe in the month dedicated to the Europeans who could in turn slip since the epidemic is not only Italian but is now widespread also in the rest of the Old Continent.

These, however, are all hypotheses without concreteness. Of course there are two evidences. On the one hand the firm will of the club, of the team and of all the fans to demand the regularity of the tournament avoiding the risk of repeating the 1915. Indeed, to fight to the end to make sure that in 2020 we can celebrate not one but two badges: the old one and the present one!

On the other, the awareness that it will not be easy to deceive President Claudio Lotito by demagogue ministers and irresponsible managers who do not understand how to stop the championship would mean blowing up all the television rights and condemning most of the Italian football clubs to bankruptcy !.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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