Coronavirus, Diaconal still attacks Juventus: “Cut wages? First he had to find an agreement with the other clubs “

ROME – " Lazio will take a decision together with all the other clubs: surely, the cutting of players 'salaries is a measure that can help the teams' coffers, but it must be treated".

This was stated by Arturo Diaconale, Lazio spokesman, speaking on Radio Punto Nuovo.

"Juventus – he added – already has an agreement with its players for a consistent cut that protects it on various fronts: it has taken care of its own interests, a cut of that amount manages to rebalance or give solidity to its budget.

Maybe, if he had agreed with other clubs and with the players, it would have become an erga omnes measure; so instead it concerns only them. "

Diaconale also spoke on the theme of the resumption of the championship:

“There are objective data that lead Lazio and Napoli to have an interest in completing the championship. In this case, the commonality of interests automatically leads to attunements.

Cairo (the president of Turin, who spoke of the championship now over, ed.) Is currently forcing a lot of hand "because" his only interest is to get out of a season as soon as possible that has had a not exciting result for his team "(source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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