Coronavirus, Diaconal attacks Cristiano Ronaldo: “He can train, Lazio can’t …”

ROME – Yet another controversy by Arturo Diaconale , Lazio spokesman, against Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo .

This time Lotito's man took it out on the Portuguese champion directly for some pictures that have been shot on social media in the last few hours …

In Italy, soccer teams cannot train for government bans to combat the coronavirus emergency .

Theoretically, even in Portugal the players could not train but yesterday Cristiano Ronaldo trained in the Nacional stadium together with the other players of the Portuguese Serie B leaders.

Ronaldo played the whole training session regularly , including the shots on goal to savor the joy of the goal

In this way, Ronaldo will be able to present himself in full form at the resumption of Juventus training which should be set for May 4 , when the bans should disappear in our country.

This training of Ronaldo did not go down to Diaconale. Lazio fight daily to resume training as soon as possible but cannot because of the prohibitions imposed by the government.

Ronaldo instead can train regularly because he left Italy to return to Portugal where he is practically a "king".

The declarations made by Diaconale to Radiosei are reported by

“All the media move in unison to criticize Lazio and President Lotito. Is not the resumption of training a defeat for Lazio? No.

Lazio's position has always been in favor of the resumption of the championship , made in safety and the fact that it is likely to start again on May 4th is a victory. The impression is that there has been some favoritism.

I refer to players abroad, who will have the opportunity to return and resume training as Lazio players.

But with a difference, the biancocelesti ones stayed at home, from Portugal instead I saw some splendid images of Ronaldo training in a beautiful football field .

They trained quietly abroad, we couldn't. But I think they did well, professional athletes must necessarily keep their body in activity. Let's say that the others, however, were a little more advantaged ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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