Coronavirus, Danilo Gallinari: “When I see calls from Italy I prepare for bad news”

OKLAHOMA (UNITED STATES) – Danilo Gallinari is spending his coronavirus quarantine as he plays in the NBA with OKC ( Oklahoma City Thunder ) tank top.

While Gallinari is in the United States, his family is in Italy. When he sees calls from our country, from this period, he always prepares for bad news.

Gallinari's feelings about coronavirus have been published in "The Players' Tribune". Let's report them to the Corriere dello Sport.

Gallinari and the coronavirus: "I am worried about my family who is in Italy".

“It has been about a month since every time I rang my phone and I see a call from Italy I prepare to receive bad news.

And lately it's been ringing me a lot. It makes me strange to say it, but I'm lucky because my family members are all doing well. I am worried about my mother, alone in quarantine in Italy, with my father and brother stuck in Denver.

But she has no problems, lives in a large house and has all the necessary space. Instead, I think of those who feel imprisoned in their home, those who find it hard to live in a healthy environment.

To the suffering that is now seen everywhere. It won't work out tomorrow or next week. We don't know how long it will take to get out of it, but there is one thing I'm sure of: it won't last forever.

A background on the match against Utah Jazz? I knew that in Italy it had not been played for some time because of the coronavirus, I immediately thought that it had happened also here in America.

There has been no news for a long time and my companions, unlike me, did not imagine the impact that the virus could have. At that point I took the floor: "Guys, in my opinion all this has to do with the infection".

From then on everyone started asking me questions, I found myself in the middle of the locker room giving explanations, but nobody was worried at the time. Now everyone knows the virus ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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