Coronavirus, Cristiano Ronaldo trains with the Nacional players: will they have kept a safe distance?

Caniçal (PORTUGAL) – Cristiano Ronaldo has already moved on to "phase two". The champion of Juventus is spending the coronavirus quarantine in Portugal, in the last hours he has moved from Madeira to Caniçal to change training methodology.

In Madeira, in the family villa, Cristiano Ronaldo trained above all in the gym and swimming pool, as shown also on social media, now he has decided to move on to a more football training session .

Cristiano Ronaldo has rented a thousand and one night villa in Caniçal , just 20 km from the family villa in Madeira.

In this villa, Cristiano Ronaldo will have a gym, swimming pool, games room and five bedrooms.

But Ronaldo was not limited to this, on social media there are images that see him training in the Nacional stadium , the team that leads the ranking of the Portuguese Serie B football championship.

In short, training is still prohibited in Italy but Cristiano Ronaldo has in fact already started to recover (albeit with another team …).

Ronaldo did not train alone at the stadium, there are images that portray him while he kicks (the door is not empty, but there is the goalkeeper of the Nacional ).

It was not just a one on one training, attacker against goalkeeper, Cr7 also trained with the rest of the Nacional players.

Will they have kept the safe distance? This is not known, but thanks to this training Ronaldo has re- tasted the taste of the goal … (source

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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