Coronavirus, Cristiano Ronaldo in the storm: after training on the pitch, the party with twenty people

MADEIRA (PORTUGAL) – Cristiano Ronaldo continues to do as he likes. After training in the Nacional stadium, with the other players of the Portuguese team, here is the party with twenty people.

The first attitude of Cr7 that made him discuss, in Italy, Portugal and in the rest of the world, was his training together with the players of the Nacional, the Portuguese Serie B leaders.

During this coronavirus quarantine, you cannot train with a team because it would be very difficult to respect the safety distance.

After this training with the Nacional, Ronaldo was criticized by Lazio spokesman Arturo Diaconale.

Diaconal said controversially:

“It is not fair that Cristiano Ronaldo can train while Lazio cannot do it. These are two weights and two measures … ".

But it did not end here because shortly after Ronaldo was again criticized for his walk on the streets of Funchal .

The climax of the controversy was reached after the social images of Cristiano Ronaldo 's party with twenty other people.

Cr7 was celebrating her granddaughter's birthday in a family restaurant room .

The images of this party, which have made the rounds of social media and the press around the world, were not disseminated by Cristiano Ronaldo but by his sister Elma.

The party was attended by Cristiano Ronaldo , his mother Maria Dolores Aveiro , his partner Georgina Rodriguez plus friends and relatives.

These photos aroused even more controversy because the news of a coronavirus outbreak in Madeira was published shortly before.

We are talking about an outbreak of the infection with a dozen official cases in Camera do Lobos, a town west of the capital Funchal , where CR7 is now with its family .

In the coming days, Ronaldo is expected to return to Turin to support the quarantine period before the Juventus training resumes scheduled for May 4th.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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