Coronavirus, Cristiano Ronaldo blocked in Portugal: neither he nor his mother have symptoms

Coronavirus, Cristiano Ronaldo bloccato in Portogallo: né lui, né la mamma presentano sintomi

Coronavirus, Cristiano Ronaldo stuck in Portugal: neither he nor his mother have symptoms

MADEIRA (PORTUGAL) – Days of fear for Cristiano Ronaldo. The champion of Juventus, who flew to Portugal to stay close to his mother after a stroke, received the news of his team-mate Daniele Rugani's positivity to the coronavirus.

Prior to this news, Cr7 should have gone back to Italy but was unable because Portugal blocked flights to and from Italy by adopting a government decree practically the same as that of neighboring Spain.

Cristiano Ronaldo came into contact with Daniele Rugani both during training and on the occasion of the last championship match against Inter. The photo in the Juventus locker room is now famous with all the players who celebrated the victory against the Nerazzurri embraced and bare-chested.

Cr7 would not be so worried about him when for his loved ones. Mum Maria Dolores Aveiro is undergoing rehabilitation after being hit by a stroke.

For this reason, it is inevitably weakened. Cr7 hopes not to have contracted the coronavirus in order not to attack it.

At the moment, neither Cristiano Ronaldo nor his mother has the typical symptoms of coronavirus. Juve and the family members of the Portuguese champion have breathed a sigh of relief.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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