Coronavirus, CIES: “Player value will drop by 28%”. Juventus-Pogba 35 million deal?

ROME- The coronavirus has not only distorted our life but also the world of football.

According to reports from the CIES (International Center for Sports Studies), the market value of the players has dropped dramatically.

Now Pogba, who dreams of returning to Juventus, is worth just 35 million euros. Until a few months ago, it cost more than a hundred million …

According to the CIES, the total value of the players has dropped from 32.7 billion euros to 23.4 billion.

As reports, citing the CIES, Manchester City (-412 million) followed by Barcelona (-366 million) and Liverpool (-353 million). .

Real Madrid ranked fourth (-350) and Psg fifth (-302).

In relative terms, however, the biggest drop would be Olympique Marseille (-37.9%) followed by three Italian companies: Inter (-276 million at -35.7%), Hellas Verona (-34.3%) and Spal (-34.2%).

On Serie A in absolute terms, as reported by 'Calcio e Finanza', the first position always belongs to Inter (-276 million), the second place belongs to Juve (-222 million to -28.4%) and the third of the Naples (-181 million at -29.8%).

The top 5 closes with Rome (-147 million at -27.2%) and with Milan (-144 million at -31.2%).

Pogba-Juventus, the return to Turin could materialize in the summer.

In the next market window Paul Pogba could return to Juventus, who urgently needs to improve the quality of his midfield.

The barometer of the bookmakers, who in this stop phase carefully monitor the market winds, focuses decisively on the black and white shore.

The Frenchman, who has only played 7 Premier games this year due to a double ankle injury, seems to be keen to end his experience with Manchester United.

The problem, if anything, as Paratici has hinted in the past few days, will be to convince some Juventus players to make the reverse journey, given that United has recently lost much of its appeal (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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