Coronavirus, championship finished here? Check hypothesis Serie A 22 teams for next year

ROME – The "plan A" of the Serie A League is to end the championship. It is not a mystery, the president of the FIGC Gravina explicitly said. But this will only be possible in conditions of real safety for the players.

But are we sure that all companies want to start again? Absolutely not. And it's not just about health …

There are many clubs that have nothing left to ask for in the league. The definitive suspension of Serie A would allow them to save a lot of money on the salaries of the remaining players.

In fact, the players would be willing to give up the missing months of wages only if the championship is permanently suspended.

Otherwise, they would not be willing to make discounts saying that in any case in this period they are continuing to "work from home" keeping in shape.

So if Serie A were to restart, they would continue to demand all the money, up to the last penny … Otherwise, they would be willing to give up the missing salaries.

A definitive suspension of the championship would also be convenient for clubs located in the relegation zone. Without 12 games at the end of the championship, and therefore many points to be won, no one could relegate them.

For this reason, yesterday's meeting saw the hypothesis of the next twenty-two team Serie A (twenty this year plus the two promoted by Serie B).

It is a hypothesis that the FIGC does not like because next year the championship will have to finish first to make room for Euro 2021, after the postponement of a few weeks ago, but that could tempt the TVs that could thus bombard their subscribers with an average one game every two days.

How would you do with the Scudetto and European cups?

The scudetto would not be awarded while the teams that occupy the first seven places in the rankings (the first four in the Champions League, the other three in the Europa League) would be sent to Europe, in a few controversies.

All the hypotheses remain open because at the moment there is great distance between the parties and everyone is waiting for the evolution of the coronavirus situation in our country.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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