Coronavirus, Champions and Europa League become “summer tournaments”: this is how they will end

NYON – Agreement reached between Eca, association of European clubs, and UEFA, organizer of Champions and Europa League. Both competitions will be completed but after the national championships (coronavirus permitting …).

So both should end in two weeks in July. They should become some sort of summer tournament. All this will be made possible under certain conditions.

The essential condition will be the cutting of several lots. Let's start from the Champions League.

Leipzig, Atalanta, Paris Saint Germain and Atletico Madrid have already qualified for the quarterfinals. So there are only four return matches, including Juventus-Lyon, of the round of 16. These races will be played regularly.

Starting from the quarterfinals, one-way matches will be played. And we're at four more games. Then the two semifinals and finally the final. So with these cuts, there would be only eleven games left to assign the Champions League.

Let's move on to the Europa League where the situation is more complicated and where more matches will have to be cut.

The two matches of the round of 16 that are missing, namely Inter-Getafe and Sevilla-Roma, will be cut. So only eight of the second leg of the second leg will be played. Then quarters, semifinals and finals will be played in a single race.

So the Europa League should be awarded in fifteen games. Now the question is, but who will be the only matches at home? No agreement has yet been reached on this.

The choice will depend on many factors. If the competition ends behind closed doors, one stadium will be worth the other, but if these matches were to be opened again to the public, they would have to play either on the neutral field or on the field of one of the two teams but this choice should be made through a draw.

In short, UEFA has clear ideas, now it's up to the national championships to find the right formula to end the season and then leave room for the European cups.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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