Coronavirus, Callejon’s wife, unleashes herself on Instagram: “We stay at home and you elderly people go out. Don’t you give a c …? “

Coronavirus, la moglie di Callejon si sfoga su Instagram: "Noi restiamo a casa e voi anziani uscite. Non vi frega un c...?"

Coronavirus, Callejon's wife, unleashes herself on Instagram: “We stay at home and you elderly people go out. Don't you give a c …? "

NAPLES – The Italian Serie A football championship is stopped to curb the coronavirus emergency, the Napoli players are carrying out their period of home quarantine with the utmost seriousness.

Napoli players are following personalized training programs that can also be carried out in their luxurious and huge homes.

A few hours ago, Mertens posted pictures of his home workouts on Instagram with a huge bottle of wine instead of the classic gym weights ( here the photo ).

So all right? Not exactly. Marta Ponsati , the wife of José Maria Callejon , has published a harsh outburst against the elderly on Instagram.

In this post he writes: "We don't go out to protect you elders and you repay us by going around as if nothing had happened?".

Below is the post published on Instagram by the wife of José Maria Callejon.

“I find it scandalous that my family has been at home for a week, my daughters can't wait to sunbathe and run to the park. I leave the house half an hour just to go shopping, but I see a lot of elderly people walking around as if nothing had happened. We do it for you and don't give a damn …? ".

In fact, it also caused the discussion that the Napoli players, despite the millionaire bank account, went shopping in person.

As soon as the coronavirus emergency broke out, a photo immortalized them as they queued at the supermarket in the middle of the night, together with the hundreds of Neapolitan citizens who had stormed the markets as if the food was about to end …

They are young kids, full of money, they could have easily done online shopping having both the means and the skills in the use of technology.

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