Coronavirus, Boga del Sassuolo and a Brescia player are also positive

The number of Serie A footballers infected with the coronavirus on returning from summer holidays increases.

Sassuolo communicated Boga's positivity, while Brescia made it known that they had a positive coronavirus player after returning from holidays in Sardinia.

These last two cases are added to those reported in the previous hours. In fact, the positivity of the following players was announced a few hours ago:

Mirante of Roma, Petagna of Napoli, Kiril Despodov, Cerri, Bradaric and Ceppitelli of Cagliari and two footballers of Turin whose identity is unknown.

Fortunately, these players are asymptomatic and do not suffer from particular health problems.

Indeed many of them have made it known that they feel good through social networks.

The press release from Turin.

Two Torino players tested positive for the swab test for Coronavirus research. The grenade club communicates it.

"The Torino Football Club announces that two players tested positive in the tests for the detection of Covid 19, carried out before the resumption of preparation".

The two players have already been placed in isolation, as required by the protocol, even if the infected are likely to be more:

“As a precaution, further investigations are underway for three other players of the first team.

Who in recent days had been in close contact with the positives and who at the moment are not yet part of the team group ”.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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