Coronavirus and Serie A, FIGC president: “Risk of stopping the championship if a positive player”

Coronavirus Serie A, Gravina: Stop campionato se calciatore positivo

Coronavirus Serie A, Gravina: "Stop championship if positive player" (Photo archive ANSA)

ROME – If a footballer tests positive for coronavirus in Serie A the championship could be stopped. This is the hypothesis launched by Gabriele Gravina, president of the FIGC, in case the contagion also arrives among the players. "We must be realistic and protect athletes," reiterated Gravina.

The FIGC president interviewed on the Dribbling program on Rai 2 explained:

“We have to be realistic, the real risk exists and we will take all the measures to protect athletes, trying to understand what impact they would have on sports. We cannot rule out anything or venture hypotheses that we cannot foresee. "

To cope with the coronavirus emergency, no precautions should be omitted and unnecessary risks must be avoided. For this reason, Gravina warns, the national team friendlies against Germany and England could be at risk:

"It seems that the city of Nuremberg will ask to postpone the game, while in England there is a quarantine provision: I hope you can play at least behind closed doors," adds the number 1 of the Football Association.

Gravina then explained the decision to play behind closed doors was made because "we focused on the need for Italian football, for the fans and, ultimately, for the economic interest of many clubs, accepting the invitation of Minister Spadafora to meet to the needs of the Italians. An event behind closed doors – he concluded – is however surely incomplete ".

(Source Rai 2 and AGI)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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