Coronavirus, Ancelotti: “Klopp is right. Playing Liverpool-Atletico with open doors was criminal ”

LIVERPOOL (ENGLAND) – Carlo Ancelotti is spending his coronavirus quarantine period in Liverpool as he is the current Everton manager.

The former Napoli coach told Ivan Zazzaroni about his emotions during an interview with Corriere dello Sport.

“Today the priority is health, limiting the infection. Everything else is secondary. When you start again, when you finish, the dates, the promises, the hopes … believe me, I don't care, at the moment it is the least of my thoughts.

The Premier has forced clubs to give everyone three weeks of vacation, players, coaches, staff. The initial idea was to start again in May, but there is no question that we will succeed.

I hear about cutting salaries, suspension of payments. They seem to me timeless, untimely solutions …

The economy will soon change, and at all levels, TV rights will be worth less, players and coaches will earn less, tickets will cost less because people will have less money. Let's prepare for a general contraction

The other day I heard Klopp, he told me that making the game play in those conditions was a criminal act, I think he was right.

Today I took a short walk. It is still allowed, one a day, alone or with the dog, or a bicycle ride.

For the moment there is no need for self-certification, but I imagine that it will soon be introduced here as well as in Italy.

Around you start to see some police. The main attention is for London, Liverpool has large spaces, London is more compressed.

The government is working scrupulously now, the British have faith in NHS, the national health system, Everton is doing a lot in terms of assistance to the elderly, the sick and the lonely.

We are all living a life that we were not used to and that will change us profoundly ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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